IMG_6903Mid-Day newspaper reported Azeer Attari to be amongst 35 young people to look out for.

ShivShera’s (Azeer’s) profile leaves one deeply inspired. A multidimensional individual who holds a powerful space for people to unfold to their best selves.

His life choices are guided by his heart. As an architect, artist, conscious living coach and a healer he is working his way to a better world through his small but significant contribution. Find out more about ShivShera who is known as the man with the burning fire!


Cathartic Art

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from creativity to healing clarity

Are you looking for clarity for something specific in your life?

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Dynamic Reiki Certified Healer

What is a valuable gift you can give to yourself or to your loved ones for 2019.
A distance Reiki session series. Simple!

Many people have gone through and are going through a lot. Emotional, mental, physical and financial turmoil has embroiled most at some level. However there are many who have no turmoil but are expanding exponentially. In both cases a distance Reiki session series does wonders beyond expectations!

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Awareness Games guide

ShivShera combines his art and soft skills (Oasis games, awareness games, co-operative & trust games) to connect with people deeply, helping them release stress and empty out emotional junk from their mind. He is known to hold a powerful space for people to unfold to their best selves.

ShivShera has trained in the award winning experiential international leadership and social entrepreneurship training program Warriors Without Weapons in Brazil in 2011 and 2013. He has since then facilitated groups of corporates, students, professionals, and organisations across India and Madrid, Spain. His clients include Tata Institute of Social Sciences, DD Cotton, 5asec, Om Creations, Indira Awas Yojna Maharashtra, Shraddha Charitable Trust, IYCN, etc Continue reading “Awareness Games guide”


ShivShera’s paintings are moments captured while journeying within. They explode instantaneously within him. Some take only hours while others take days to finish. His paintings are about the vulnerability and power of the universe flowing through him.

He does not have an agenda with the paintings. To him a canvas is of limitless possibilities where he does not know the outcome till it has revealed itself. He is often surprised by the variety of emotions that emerge through the painting.

He invites the seeker, the curious ones, “Please enjoy being present with my art. I invite you to come get in touch with your inner beauty, your deep and joyous sentient being.”

In Love,


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Inner Portrait

“Inner portrait” is where ShivShera paints your ‘soul’ on to a canvas. As an intuitive artist he perceives the beauty of a person’s soul and paints it on a canvas. Inner portrait is an hour long session in person or online. Apart from making a piece of art out of your soul, he also channels what the soul wishes to communicate to your conscious mind. It’s an art session that also heals and empowers. Many find themselves feeling unburdened, deeply touched and in tears.

Inner portrait is not a portrait of the person but of the magnificent being you are, the real you, the beautiful you. This process captures a person’s most beautiful qualities in the form of a beautiful painting.
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